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Crestwood Property Mgmt HOA Property Management in Indianapolis and surrounding areas

Collections of Assessments.

Collections of Assessments is the sole backbone of the Community and we understand how important it is to collect the funds that are outstanding on accounts. We understand the small claims court process and will work with the HOA Attorney to ensure the funds that are owed to the community are collected.

We have alined ourselves with the best Community Association Law Firm in the state of Indiana.

Working with the attorney's to ensure assessments are collected.

A small list of some of the items we address to ensure the accounts can be collected?

We check every account against tax records to ensure they are infect the homeowner. 

We prepare all of the documents that the attorney's office would need to mail out the demand notice.

We complete all affidavits of debt.

Provide ledgers.

Make court appearances at no extra cost to the association.

Our fees are applied to the homeowners account so that the HOA does not incur unnessacary cost due to collection of assessments.